An impressively large dog with noble bearing, the Tibetan Mastiff is an aloof and watchful guardian breed. They possess a solemn but kind expression, with an immense double coat it can be black, brown and blue/grey, with or without tan markings, and various shades of gold. Although seen in shows in the United States today, they may not enjoy participating in organized activities such as obedience or agility due to their highly independent natures.

The origins of the Tibetan Mastiff are somewhat murky, but earliest written accounts place a large dog around 1100 BC in China. The breed remained isolated in the Himalayan mountains, where it developed into the Tibetan Mastiff we know today. Read More >>>

Beal Kennels is located near St. Louis Mo., on 5 spacious acres, with plenty of room to romp and play with our Tibetan Mastiff friends.

Our family consists of 3 non Tibetan Mastiff dogs and 2 Tibetan Mastiffs and then there is us, their pets.
It had always been a dream of ours to own a Tibetan Mastiff, and that dream came true in April of 2007. After much anticipation and research we found our first Tibetan Mastiff friend. That is Ms. Kitty; she is so loveable and devoted. We never thought there could be another dog that could match her in our eyes.  READ MORE >>>

The Beal Kennel is expecting Tibetan Mastiff puppies soon.  We will be taking applications and deposits starting March of 2010.  We do ask that you review the website and do your research about the Tibetan Mastiff breed.  The Beal Kennel does review, in depth, all aplicants.  We want our puppies to have a home and parents that will allow the Tibetan Mastiff to be a Tibetan Mastiff.  These dogs are not for every home and not for every family. The lucky one's that are able to call our puppies part of their family, will see a side to a beautiful breed that most never will.  If you are interested in becoming a possible parent, please do your research and click the contact us page to fill out an application.